Why Myobrace® Could Be Beneficial for Your Child

Pediatric dentistry can encompass a wide variety of corrective and preventative treatments to help prepare children for a lifetime of good oral health. Crooked teeth are a common problem for children and teenagers, and there are several orthodontic treatments designed to bring teeth into proper alignment. If you are looking for orthodontics in Beaverton, OR, contact our doctors at Polaris Dental Specialists. Dr. Nguyen and his expert staff can determine the best course of treatment for your children, which may include a preventative treatment called Myobrace®.

What Is Myobrace®?

Myobrace® provides an alternative to traditional orthodontic treatments. Rather than using braces and other methods to align crooked teeth, Myobrace® is preventative and addresses the most common causes of crooked teeth to prevent the need for further orthodontic treatments. There are many issues that can cause crooked teeth, including thumb sucking, improper swallowing, and tongue issues. Myobrace® helps the upper and lower jaw form correctly to encourage proper tooth alignment and reduce the need for orthodontic treatment.

How It Works

The Myobrace® system involves oral appliances as well as a form of physical therapy called “myofunctional exercises.” Dr. Nguyen will design and fit a series of oral appliances for your child. Most patients wear these appliances for a couple of hours each day and overnight to correct oral development issues that can lead to crooked teeth.

Benefits of Myobrace®

One of the main advantages of Myobrace® is that it can prevent your child’s teeth from being crooked in the first place, reducing the need for later orthodontic work. This treatment also helps improve proper muscle function and reduces mouth breathing that can lead to asthma.

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Children as young as five years old can benefit from Myobrace®, so if you have concerns about the alignment of your child’s teeth, call us to schedule a consultation. Dr. Nguyen and his staff will help determine the best course of preventative and corrective treatments to improve your child’s oral health.

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