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While root canals have a reputation for being uncomfortable dental procedures, advances in dental technology have increased the effectiveness of root canals while decreasing the amount of pain involved. Dr. Tuong Nguyen Nguyen, our endodontist at Polaris Dental Specialists, has performed over 10,000 root canals and has advanced training and experience with the use of lasers in dentistry. Laser root canals are much less painful and more effective than traditional methods.

Dr. Nguyen on Laser Endodontics

Minimally Invasive Root Canals

Dr. Nguyen and the team at Polaris Dental Specialists aim to provide advanced services that save patients’ teeth with as little pain as possible. Laser root canals use a laser instead of a drill and file. This allows us to better target infection and to leave as much of your healthy tooth untouched as possible. This minimally-invasive procedure offers a very quick and almost painless recovery period. Save time and money on avoiding follow-up pain management appointments.

Advantages of Laser Root Canals

  • Shorter healing time
  • Less pain and discomfort
  • Less need for pain medication
  • Fewer visits - reduced post-procedure follow-up appointments
  • More effective removal of infection

Laser Apicoectomy

We also provide endodontic microsurgery. An apicoectomy is a procedure that treats just the end of the root and is offered when inflammation or infection is still present after a root canal. Dr. Nguyen also uses lasers when performing apicoectomies to reduce the need for sutures and scalpels. This also increases the effectiveness of the procedure while minimizing the pain and the recovery period.

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At Polaris Dental Specialists, we are proud to provide the most advanced technology to increase our patients’ comfort and our ability to provide services that save your teeth and improve your life. Dr. Tuong Nguyen Nguyen is a member of the American Dental Association and the American Association of Endodontists. He is committed to providing effective endodontic treatments to his patients in our Salem, OR office and our Beaverton office. No referral is necessary. Call us today to schedule a consultation.

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Mandy S. Shares Her Experience

Mandy S. Shares Her Experience

I found Dr. Nguyen’s office through my insurance. He took CBCT scans as well as x-rays for treatment. With new technology they’re able to see more clearly what’s going on anatomically. It makes me feel confident that the doctor knows what he’s doing if he’s learning new things, not just kinda stuck in his old ways. I was fine after the treatment. I was really impressed with the doctor's chairside manner. He was very polite to his assistants.
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