Root Canal FAQ

Root Canals

Frequently Asked Questions

This is a procedure that removes infection in the tooth as well as any other damage that might be present. It's a procedure that is typically done if there is bacteria that has been introduced in the nerve of the tooth.

There are times when the tooth should be pulled, but if there is enough of the tooth left to save, then a root canal would be the best solution. It is done when the infection has reached the pulp of the tooth.

If you experience pain from the tooth, sensitivity to hot or cold foods and any tenderness and swelling, then it might be wise to have a consultation or a root canal.

The dentist will numb the tooth and the gum around the tooth. The part of the tooth with the decay is removed with a drill, and an access point will be obtained to the pulp. The canals of the tooth are then cleaned and filled.

After the procedure, you might experience some numbness for the rest of the day. You should eat soft foods on the unaffected side until the numbness goes away.

Each tooth has a different number of canals. The front teeth have fewer canals than the back teeth, making the process longer if the back teeth require a root canal.

This will depend on the severity of the infection. If there is minimal damage, then you will only have to go one time. However, if there is a large amount of infection in the tooth, then a second visit is usually needed.

The process takes about an hour to complete. You should plan to stay in the office for about an hour an a half to make sure the tooth has set properly.

You can have the tooth extracted if you don't want to have the root canal done.

Because the infection is so deep in the tooth, antibiotics won't work. You might have some relief from the infection and pain, but it will only be a cover for the deeper problem.

Dr. Borromeo Shares His Thoughts

Dr. Borromeo Shares His Thoughts

I’ve been practicing for twenty-six years and I’ve been referring to Dr. Nguyen for about fifteen years. I refer my patients to Dr. Nguyen because of these three things. First is their experience; The experience that they have with his technology and what he does. There is also that enjoyment factor where he’s got that personality where he keeps you at ease. The last thing would be the education because he educates my patient and he tells them what to do when he’s done with the treatment.
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Root Canal FAQ
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