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Dr. Borromeo Shares His Thoughts

I’ve been practicing for twenty-six years and I’ve been referring to Dr. Nguyen for about fifteen years. I refer my patients to Dr. Nguyen because of these three things. First is their experience; The experience that they have with his technology and what he does. There is also that enjoyment factor where he’s got that personality where he keeps you at ease. The last thing would be the education because he educates my patient and he tells them what to do when he’s done with the treatment.
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Dr. Spangler, Referring Dentist's Thoughts

Dr. Spangler's Professional Opinion

I refer my patients to Dr. Nguyen because I get a good job done. There's not much in the endodontic world that he can't do. They're very pleased with his professionalism, and the way he goes about doing a procedure most patients truly don't understand. They walk away more knowledgeable, and feeling like they got a nice service, and good professional care. I highly recommend my patients to Dr. Nguyen because I know I'm always going to get a good job, and helps facilitate the continuing care that I'm going to be providing the patients, in an area that he's an expert at. He gives me the best results.
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