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Is a Laser Frenectomy the Right Choice for Your Child? →May 12, 2017

A frenectomy is a fairly common procedure that involves releasing excess pressure on the frenum (the flap of connective skin located beneath the upper lip or tongue). The procedure is most frequently performed on children by a pediatric dentist and is sometimes recommended when the frenulum are too tight and restricting range of motion. When […]

Why Myobrace® Could Be Beneficial for Your Child →April 17, 2017

Pediatric dentistry can encompass a wide variety of corrective and preventative treatments to help prepare children for a lifetime of good oral health. Crooked teeth are a common problem for children and teenagers, and there are several orthodontic treatments designed to bring teeth into proper alignment. If you are looking for orthodontics in Beaverton, OR, […]

Everything You Need to Know About Dental Implants →January 20, 2017

Your smile is completely unique and keeping your teeth healthy is an important aspect of personal confidence and quality of life. If you have damaged or missing teeth, you may think a beautiful smile is not an option anymore. However, our periodontist, can transform your smile with dental implants in Beaverton, OR that are both attractive and […]

3 Reasons You Don’t Need to Be Afraid of Root Canals →November 29, 2016

Fear of seeing a dental specialist is far too common. That fear gets expounded exponentially when the prospect of a root canal comes up. Unfortunately, many misconceptions persist surrounding root canals, preventing people from getting the treatment they need to save a tooth. There are plenty of good reasons why a root canal should be […]

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