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Dental Implants

The Next Best Thing to Your Natural Smile

Missing Teeth Have a Big Impact

Missing teeth can have a big impact on both the function and appearance of your smile, and this will get worse over time. A gap in your smile can not only impact your self-confidence and the way others perceive you. It can also compromise your surrounding teeth and lead to a reduction of your jawbone, giving your face a sunken look. Dental implants are a permanent replacement for your missing teeth. Replacing a missing tooth with a dental implant will beautifully restore your smile and encourage bone retention.

Dr. Nguyen on Benefits of Implants

Reasons You Might Be Missing Teeth

  • Severe gum disease
  • Bone loss
  • Extractions
  • Osteoporosis
  • Trauma or injury

Dental Implants Permanently Replace Missing Teeth

Because dental implants replace the root and the crown of the tooth, they most closely replicate the function of your natural teeth. Our periodontist at Polaris Dental Specialists specializes in the connection between the gums and the tooth or the implant. We provide individual dental implants as well as implant supported dentures for those looking to replace an entire arch of missing teeth. With your dental implants, you can get your smile back and be able to eat your favorite foods without difficulty.

Benefits of Dental Implants

  • Restores the beauty of your smile
  • Permanently restores missing teeth
  • Preserves your jaw bone
  • Can be used to stabilize dentures
  • Eat and speak without difficulty

You are in Experienced Hands

Our multi-specialty team is skilled in not only crafting and placing dental implants but in determining the best solution for patients with missing teeth. If you worry you are not an ideal candidate for dental implants, we provide a number of treatments that can prepare you for implant placement including bone grafting and guided tissue regeneration.

Polaris Dental Specialists serves the communities of Beaverton and Salem, OR. If you are ready to improve your quality of life, call our office to schedule a complete and customized consultation.

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Mandy S. Shares Her Experience

Mandy S. Shares Her Experience

I found Dr. Nguyen’s office through my insurance. He took CBCT scans as well as x-rays for treatment. With new technology they’re able to see more clearly what’s going on anatomically. It makes me feel confident that the doctor knows what he’s doing if he’s learning new things, not just kinda stuck in his old ways. I was fine after the treatment. I was really impressed with the doctor's chairside manner. He was very polite to his assistants.
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Dental Implants - Beaverton, OR
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