3 Reasons You Don’t Need to Be Afraid of Root Canals

Fear of seeing a dental specialist is far too common. That fear gets expounded exponentially when the prospect of a root canal comes up. Unfortunately, many misconceptions persist surrounding root canals, preventing people from getting the treatment they need to save a tooth. There are plenty of good reasons why a root canal should be sought for a diseased tooth.

Reason #1: There Is No Pain

Contrary to popular belief, you are not going to feel any discomfort during your root canal procedure. Our specialists will provide you with an anesthetic, so you do not feel anything happening with the affected tooth. The purpose of root canals is to prevent pain. If you allow an infection to flourish within a tooth, then you could experience significant levels of pain without treatment.

Reason #2: Root Canals Are Better Than Extractions

Sometimes a patient will have no choice but to extract a tooth. However, if you can avoid this, then that would be preferable. Root canals remove the infected pulp from inside the tooth, but the overall structure remains intact. The root remains in the jawbone, continuing to stimulate the tissue. If a tooth needs to be extracted, then the entire structure is loss. In order to prevent jawbone resorption, you will need to get a restoration, which will require more time at a dental office and cost more money.

Reason #3: Dr. Nguyen Has a Great Treatment for Root Canals

While traditional root canal methods are still viable, Dr. Nguyen has a fantastic alternative that makes the treatment so much easier. Laser treatment is offered where our endodontic specialist will use a laser to pinpoint the exact area of the infection. This is highly effective at killing bacteria, and it ultimately results in less recovery time.

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